2017 Travel Calendar


We're here, we're there, we're everywhere and that's pretty much how we like it! Traveling is a major hobby of ours. We are super blessed to have a career that allows us to do it so often. We love it so much that we don't charge any travel fees for weddings held in the continental US. So whether your wedding is local to you or a special destination you pay nothing but your collection fee! 

Here's our 2017 calendar for your viewing pleasure. If you'd like to do a portrait session or meet up to discuss us covering your big day while we're in your area let us know!

                                                                   January 20-23 New Orleans, LA

                                                                       January 28 Nashville, TN

                                                                    February 3 Winston-Salem, NC

                                                                         March 16-18 Orlando, FL

March 19 Jacksonsville, FL

April 5-7  Dallas, TX

April 14 + 15 Charleston, SC

April 17-19 Cancun, MX

April 21+ 22 New Jersey

June 16-19 Dallas, TX

July 9-11 Manhattan, NY

July 11-18 Baltimore, MD

July 27-29 Chicago, IL

September 1-2 Baltimore, MD

September 3 Old Town,Pennsylvania

September 8-14 Grand Turk Island

September 22-24 Dallas, TX

September 29+30 Charleston, SC

October 5-6 Baltimore, MD

October 7 Norton, MA

October 15-17 Austin, TX

October 19-23 Punta Cana, DR

November 4-6 Charlotte, NC

Nov 17-19 New Orleans, LA

Dec 1-3 Dallas, TX

Dec 15-17 Miami,FL

December 30-31 Dallas, TX

Planning to have your wedding somewhere outside of the United States? We are passport ready to go just about anywhere! We have special packages for weddings abroad HERE.