Old Courthouse on the Square: Frances & Britton

France & Britton's wedding  at The Old Courthouse on the Square was the epitome of an M & A wedding. Everything about this wedding came out so perfectly it's actually what we based our new pricing on! First and foremost, we couldn't have asked for a better matched couple. Frances and I were able to "pin" a zillion ideas and discuss concepts for months leading up to the wedding. Once we got closer to the day we realized there wasn't enough time in an eight hour day to accomplish everything we wanted hence the full day wedding coverage concept was born. We spent a total of 11 hours with our December couple and literally every minute was worth it. From an artistic stand point, Marcus and I were able to take our time and create magic without the constraints of time. We also had our handy dandy assistant, Hannah, helping to keep the ride smooth. I am proud of every single image we captured at this wedding which says a lot because I am our biggest critic.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did capturing it !