Maymont Park: Monica & Aaron

The first thing you need to know about me is that I do some crazy things. Like planning an engagement session in Richmond, VA the same week that we have to drive to San Antonio, TX for a wedding.  Even after having four children something in me still screams "Girl, you can do anything! What's sleep?!" Never mind that a week later I'm usually whining to my ever supportive husband about how everything on me hurts but, I digress :) This particular trip I had to keep my hubby's need for sleep in mind and invited my handy dandy bestie/assistant Nichole to be my road trip partner in crime. 

Typically we do our out-of-town engagement sessions when we are already in the area to do other events or sessions but this trip was completely devoted to Monica & Aaron. The city of Richmond isn't an obvious beauty like some of the other places we have been able to capture couples but there is a quiet peace about it that makes you understand why some people would enjoy residing there. Maymont Park is without a doubt one of those reasons. Although I always make it a point to google every place I am planning to shoot, in this instance, the pictures did absolutely no justice!

Now usually, I don't walk a mile but when I do (and Lord knows I avoid it like the Plagues of Egypt) it's for something AMAZING. This place is so surreal. The only words that came to mind when I got to the top of the waterfall were "Well damn." It was totally worth the walk :) We'll be capturing this super cute couple's rustic barn wedding at Bandit's Ridge this coming June!